How To Make Money As A Student On Campus (2020)

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How To Make Money As A Student On Campus (2020)

Have you ever thought about how to make money at any university in Nigeria and at other higher institutions? Ever wanted to make passive income on campus as a student without impacting your studies?  Today we’ll share more than Five (5) brilliant business ideas for students in Nigeria with you.

Why do the students want to make money when they are at school? It’s basic, students living away from their family have to spend money on feeding and housing for their personal upkeep. They do have to take care of the scheduled and unplanned regular expenditures in school that include photocopying school materials and paying student bodies membership fees to belong to.

How To Make Money As A Student

Making extra money, in addition to what parents/sponsors have given them, will help to reduce the burden on their sponsors and, most importantly, help the students to keep on saving. We’ll be thinking about the value of imbibing the philosophy of savings by students in a future article. For the exciting article still, check back here.

How To Make Money As A Student On Campus (2020)


Photography really brings the world to places because photographers are capturing stunning and thrilling moments for the global to see. It has been verified that 75 per cent of students in Higher Institution take photos, selfie to be precise with a time gap of 2 hours, almost every day.

It can be a way to make money for any wise student as the price for a single shot/capture ranges from #300 –#500 which, if done more than five times, is a big money. Before you know it, you will gain respect in the campus soon, and people will call you to take up activities and eventually you will be your own boss.

We suggest you buy a smart camera and likewise a printer for you to start on the photography journey. The camera should be over 18 megapixels because it also helps to catch exciting moments clearly.


Freelancing is one easy way to make money online while free from academic obligations. Freelancing is not an activity just for university students. Also, high school graduates are able to get work there; provided you meet the minimum age limit for freelance sites, which is set at most at 15.

Usually, freelancing work include services that you can make digitally. Many of Nigerian students can do online jobs on freelancing sites.

Graphics Design

If you’re very good at Coreldraw, Photoshop or some other graphic design software, this is a great business opportunity for you because there are often activities/events on campuses that need promotional posters and fliers. Your job is going to speak for you and you’re going to keep having clients from afar and closer.

You may also be contracted to design yearbooks and anything that needs fantastic designs in general. When we are talking about brands, portfolios, logo and advertising, graphics is very essential.

There is no doubt that businesses, artists, musicians and much more need graphic designers as these people design, restructure and modify their brand logo, advertise cover, book cover, and various portfolios.

We recommend starting with “COREL DRAW” for you to start learning graphics, and if you’re good at it; you ‘re good to go and you’re in charge of the fee you’ll collect for a particular design, depending on the type of work you do. It’s estimated that simple graphics start from #5000 or more; talk less about when you get a big job.


Blogging is something completely different because you will need an adequate internet connection. Simple definition blogging refers to the online sharing of ideas, text, images and videos. Blogging is a very intelligent and good way to make decent money from home as a teenager while on campus because your blog will mostly be visited by school colleagues and much more unknown people who don’t want to hear a fuckin ‘fuckin’ about you, only if you’re doing it right.

Those who don’t want to hear a fuckin ‘fuckin’ about you, only if you’re doing it right. You must be prepared to buy a domain name for you to start blogging-www.yoursitename.com which normally ranges from $13 (# 4,673) or more in Naira, and then you can host your blog using Abollyhost, Hostagon, etc.

We suggest using WordPress because it is highly optimized Search Engine. You can either display Google ads on your blog or sell online products that are generally revered as Affiliate Marketing to make money from a blog.

Online Registration

If you have an internet-access laptop, you can assist fellow students with electronic registration (Scholarship applications, payment of school fees, regularization of enrollment, registration of courses etc.) and charge a token for the services. Especially at the beginning of semesters and when prospective / new students are on campus this is quite lucrative.

NOTE: We do not promote betting, gambling or any Investment High Yield programme.

Start A Photocopying & Printing Business

Back then, when I was in school, I had a few friends inside the school compound who was in the printing and photocopying business. So, I can tell you that it is extremely lucrative, without an atom of doubt.

There are a lot of printing and photocopying activities going on in the school environment; which explains why establishing in school compounds is a lucrative business.

Another nice thing about it is that you can pick the number of hours you want to work, and you’re your own boss. On the other hand, you may want to hire someone to take care of photocopying and printing, so you can focus on your academics and just assume the role of supervisor.

Start a VTU or Recharge Card Company

Recharge card sales aren’t that profitable; but, if you sell them in huge amounts, you ‘re likely to make some extra bucks. And the good thing is it doesn’t have to take too much time off. Many Nigerian students already make money from selling recharge cards; I had a few in my department at school back then.

Here’s how you should do it… Buy them in large amounts and put them in your backpack or handbag. They are not strong at all luckily. Make an announcement, either through your course rep or by asking other students what your business line is all about.

I ‘m sure that many students who had to go out of school searching for recharge card vendors would want to buy from you.

Here’s how to do it… Purchase them in large amounts, and place them in your backpack or handbag. They are fortunately not big at all. Make an announcement by either telling other students what your business line is all about through your course rep.

I ‘m sure many students who had to leave school searching for recharge card vendors would like to buy from you.

Sell Past Question Papers, Textbooks And Course Material

What are you doing with your previous question papers, textbooks and materials for the course? Should you store them even though you no longer need them? Throw them out, or just give them a present?

You don’t need to do all of this. You need to make the most of all these opportunities as you and your studies are interested in making some money.

Most Nigerian students sell their old textbooks, past question papers and research materials in exchange for some extra money. You could do the same too.

But here, there is not so much money to be made. There are also other ways to make money in Nigeria along with being a student so keep reading.

Submit Stories To Media Companies

Nigerian school campuses are full of happenings. All of them are worth mentioning so to talk to the media outlets or news sites.

If you are interested in making money, these happenings shouldn’t pass you by, as many media outlets are searching for news, pictures and information on these things so they can publish them on their websites or forums.

And the good thing is they’re going to pay you for revealing this news to them; depending on the story ‘s ability to get viral.

Start A Football Viewing Centre

There is no denying, that there is a strong demand in school environments for the provision of a football viewing centre. And the good thing is that the systems are never enough on most occasions; that’s why you’ll find crowds strangling viewing centres to watch their favourite team play.

Please do not waste any more time if you have the financial power to start this company. The reason that I recommend this business is that it doesn’t require too much time to manage. Football matches are usually played during weekends and, at times, weekdays evenings.

So, it’s a big opportunity to make some extra money in any Nigerian university as a student while also giving the utmost priority to your studies.


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