How To Pass Any Exams In Flying Colours

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How To Pass Any Exams In Flying Colours

In every human life there will always come a time when we’re locked behind closed doors and face to face with a terrifying shadow, a horrific moment it’s always… (Calm down I’m not thinking about death) it’s a time of learning and testing. This is also the case when applying for works, admission, schools, colleges etc.

Everything you ‘re up against at that time is the questions and the extent of your planning, your only tool. How do we fail even though we are studying for the examinations?

To certain students, examination periods are unenthusiastic times in most situations and require absolute attention and analysis. Studying as a student is essentially the method and effort made to learn information.

How To Pass Any Exams In Flying Colours

It’s more like a startup and should be approached in an entrepreneurial way. It requires concentration, complete focus, maximum attention and energy. The best way to study is to pay attention to all the details while using all the sense in the process.

It is not possible to overemphasize the importance of studying as a student, your adherence to these few tips on How To Pass Any Exams In Flying Colours.

Fight Fear

A friend of mine during our 1st-year exam (First Semester) got into the exam hall and at the sight of the first question; all he had read disappeared like smoke from his memory. He recalled that he had burned candles that were staying awake to read last night and a few nights ago. He ‘d been hypnotized, lost control and worried because of anxiety at the sight of the first questions.

Fear is a quick killer, it pulls the trigger and sends the bullet to your heart flying silently, and in a twinkle of an eye you ‘re down, not because you don’t have what it takes, but because you’ve been shot by fear and it’s very hard to remember your name at that time.

Study Wide

Studying wide will always help students pass exams, you should not restrict your readings solely to the curriculum of the school. You don’t really know where the questions come from, so you just have to read everything that you see or that comes across and then get ready for the exams.

Choose A Suitable Learning Environment

Wherever you carry out your study, your ability to write well in exams and get good grades will also be affected. It is apparent from the way that most students prefer one particular place to another in terms of reading or preparing for exams.

Some students prefer reading in the classroom whereas others always go to the library to read books.

Detect Your Purpose For Reading

It is of utmost importance that you have a goal, or reasons, to start reading. It may be for that day, or for review purposes, to revise class works. Set a target that you would like to reach at the end of your study period and see if you have achieved those targets as expected.

But this should be a habit and get addicted to it if possible because there is no boundary set for studying.

Create Personal Study Time

Every student will learn and profit greatly from getting a personal study timetable. This will encourage him to pay easy attention to certain subjects, rather than just concentrate on the favorite subject. One should take note of the following when preparing a personal study time:

  •  Allocate time to all subjects equally.
  • Set aside time for the assignment.
  • Study your weak/daunting subject early in your studying time.
  • Adhere exclusively to your study schedule.

Attend All Your Classes

Now, maybe you thought that was an easy one. Yet I speak from experience when I say that for one reason or another, many students miss classes. Yet if you want decent grades, there are some explanations for missing all of your classes:

  • Absorbs content from school. And if the teacher follows the textbook very closely, he must sit in the classroom and listen to the lectures/discussions.
  • Participate in Class. Some of the benefits of going to college would be that you are forming a mentoring relationship with some of your teachers and that won’t happen if you don’t attend the classes. And sometimes faculties have participation points (or bonus points), so make an effort to be interested in the class discussions beyond just attending.
  • Gain points on attendance. Most professors have attendance policies and simply by attending you may have a direct effect on your grades.
  • Don’t forget to sit near the front— historically, the best students are usually the ones who do.

Stop Cramming

Most of our students go cramming to the exam, omo bros you dey follow cram math? That is when recitation of a specific paragraph or concept takes a long time. Cramming isn’t the best study process.

Some of the cramming demerits are that if you skip some term you are likely to forget the rest of the sentence.See you, then? Better read to understand to come first than cram.

Always Practice

Today, as teachers frequently tell you, exams are simply a way to test your knowledge and comprehension, and learning is about having a successful education, not passing examinations. But exams count for a lot and a lot of our schooling is explicitly designed to help us pass them.

Like it or not, in your life, you are going to be sitting a terrible number of exams. Practical tests like you would play a sport or a musical instrument make sense. Your teachers would most likely get you to carry out actual examination questions, or past examination papers.

If not, get yourself hold of those questions and documents, and check yourself under real conditions of review. Can you actually write a good three-quarters hour essay on the causes of the First World War? Try this out and see.

Practising exam questions and papers under time pressure is one of the best ways to improve the performance of your examination. Don’t forget that teachers are habit creatures just as much as anybody else; exam papers are often set by the same people from one year to the next, so specific topics will crop up again and again.

Have A Study Group

In conclusion, engaging in the discussion of study groups and preventing apathy is very beneficial for a student particularly those who are preparing for exams.

This is a group of individuals coming together to discuss different topics among themselves. The ideal community would consist only of between three and five members. The ideal community would consist only of between three and five members.


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