How To Reduce Student Stress And Excel In School

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How To Reduce Student Stress And Excel In School

Have you seen a student act out as you tried to stop her misbehavior? Have you ever had a child freeze in a test, and then give up in frustration, forgetting all he’s studied for? And do you have students who completely shut down from nowhere, almost spontaneously, refusing to participate? If so, it may be time to explore ways to help students alleviate stress and anxiety.

To most people,  stress and anxiety are normal experiences. In fact , 70% percent of students in Nigeria say they feel stress or anxiety daily.

How To Reduce Student Stress

There is no iota of doubt about all individuals going through any kinds of stress at one stage or the other.

We’ll always turn to a bottle of alcohol or our favorite Television show to relieve the awkward feeling in order to make the gnawing feeling go away.

When educational standards at all stages of education grow more stringent, students face significant stress on the school everywhere.

This stress will impact success on exams, engagement in classes, and the well-being of students everywhere. Thus, providing a set of successful stress management strategies that function is important for all students.

What Is Stress?

Stress is the response of your body to uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations, and may surface through a variety of physical , emotional or mental symptoms.

The situations which cause stress can either be negative or positive.

Yes, even high scores of exams can cause stress among college students, piling up pressure to keep the high average!!!

The main thing to know about stress is that it should be only temporary because it can lead to burnout, or physical and emotional fatigue.

If you’re stressed for a long time, take some time off and do something to distract yourself from the pressure.

How To Reduce Student Stress And Excel In School

The following tips and tools for students on stress relief are vital to minimizing school stress. Use these to learn study skills in your life, prepare for exams and minimize stress levels to make learning easier.

When you find stress reduction tools that work for you and make them routines throughout your life now, you can build upon these tactics when you face stress in your life. For greater success in school and life, master the following:-

Using time wisely:-

When you want to do well, it is important to allow yourself plenty of time to work on your studies, and if you prepare with strong time management skills, you will save a lot of stress.

It is important to develop a study schedule, break up your studies into smaller pieces and other time management skills.

Good feelings

And if you scored an A on the test that you felt you failed? Much as quickly as the worst case scenario is pictured in your mind, it can be learned to envision the positive.

When we encounter tension we lead to negative perception of circumstances. Be vigilant about these reactions, and stop the unexpected by getting the day started early.


Meditation has been shown to help people deal with stress, including improving people’s sleep and eating habits. Since meditation allows you to zone in and regulate your breathing, it is a perfect way to remain relaxed and concentrate on the task at hand.

Organise Yourself

Have a note-taking organisation, keep track of assignments, and other important papers.

Getting organized will allow you the peace of mind that comes from understanding where everyone is, remembering deadlines and test dates and clearing your mind of any of the mental clutter that disorganization brings.


Regular or weekly exercise routines will help to balance the mental and physical responses to the pressures of life.

According to a 2015 survey by the American Anxiety and Depression Association, 85 percent of college students reported feeling frustrated by what they had to do at some point in the previous year; and 41.6 percent listed anxiety as the most pressing problem among college students.

By promoting better sleep, improving your mood and boosting your energy, regular exercise can help mitigate those concerns.

Try light walking for 60 minutes, or high intensity exercise for 30 minutes.Join the gym, go hiking, sign up for yoga.


According to study, when you read for as short as six minutes, stress level is decreased by two-thirds, focusing on a book or journal helps make the mind unaware of what else is going on in your life and further study has shown that this works much better than listening to music or going for walks.

Know Your Style Of Learning

Theories on learning styles indicate that people absorb knowledge in different ways. You may find it beneficial to decide whether you’re more of a visual , kinesthetic or auditory learner, because you can adapt your research activities to your individual learning style and make it easier to achieve performance.


It can sound insane or infantile but on the flip side. Its very efficient in stress reduction. Playing video games, particularly when you are in control of your game, stimulates concentration and excitation.

It helps to relieve the attention of the mind from stress and in effect can alleviate one of stress.

Start Visualisation Training

Visualizations and photos are proven methods of stress management. By imagining yourself achieving your goals, you can also reduce student stress and boost the test results.

Take a few minutes each day to see in depth what you’d like to do, whether you’re making a presentation without getting anxious, doing an assessment, or anything else that will help your performance.

When you can use all your senses to create a vibrant image, visualization and directed imagery are the most powerful.

Work hard instead, to make it happen.

Eat Healthy Foods

Healthy eating can have a significant impact on stress management and positive thinking. Make sure you avoid alcohol (it just serves as a depressant), avoid energy drinks because the cure is temporary and you crash. Instead, they eat lots of stress busting food like: Green leaf vegetables, Protein Foods, etc. 

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