JAMB CBT Centres Accreditation Requirements

This article is to inform all JAMB CBT Center representatives that the Joint Admission Matriculation Board has issued JAMB CBT Centres Accreditation Requirements for both new and current operators in preparation for the UTME/DE Examinations. CBT Centers owners who wishes to register their centers for the upcoming UTME Examinations are to download the respective documents, fill, sign and submit to any JAMB Nearest Office.

JAMB CBT Centres Accreditation Requirements

1. Network Cable for Biometric Verification

  • A single NETWORK CABLE to connect biometric verification system (point) to Server Room
  •  All biometric verifications (before & after examination) would now be captured real-time by JAMB Examination Delivery Server
  •  No show should have his/her biometrics & picture freshly captured at the Centre
  • Use of STAR TOPOLOGY for LAN for easy troubleshooting and system.

2. Recommended Examination Sessions Per Day

  • Every CBT Centre must have capacity to hold 4 examination sessions per day
  •  The fourth session would be used as reserve session provided for rescue services

3. Subsisting Accreditation Requirements

  • All CCTV Systems must be wired. No more wireless CCTV Systems
  • CCTV cameras must cover all areas about examination: verification area, Holding room, work ways, examination hall, Server room, Entrance & exit doors
  • Holding Rooms must be in good proximity to the examination hall & must be adequately sized
  • Make-shift CBT centres are NOT allowed; all centres must therefore be dedicated CBT centres that are used and maintained as such all year round
  • 100 Access codes to each Centre & monitored
  • Opening of a minimum 10 access point out 100 for each Centre
  • All centres must be within MTN or AIRTEL network coverage
  • All Centre networks must be powered by Switches. No hubs allowed
  • Centres are strongly advised to use static IP addresses rather than Dynamic IP Addressing
  • Conveniences both within the Examination hall and waiting areas
  • Their must be no flying cables. All cables MUST be trunked.

NOTE: If your center met the above specified Accreditation Requirements kindly proceed to download the JAMB CBT Centers Application Form & Accreditation Exercise Guide

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