Reasons Why You Are Not Admitted On JAMB CAPS

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Reason Why You Are Not Admitted On JAMB CAPS

Many applicants given admission to their chosen institution and selected courses were admitted through Jamb caps. But many candidates have been wondering how their names, despite having high JAMB scores and even good post-UTME results, are not on the Merit admission list of the schools of choice.

This is understandable in view of the fact that charism is the desire and expectation of each Admission seeker to be admitted to the 1st batch or merit admission list of his or her school of choice, especially when these candidates have good scores in JAMB.

Why You Are Not Admitted On JAMB CAPS

There are factors that may cause the name of a candidate to be omitted from the Merit or Admission list for the first batch, which includes;

Student Not Meeting The Departmental Cutoff Mark

Some schools will make their departmental cut-off marks public while others do not. Typically every study course in any school has its own cut-off mark. So that you have a high JAMB score that also qualified you to take part in the Post-UTME screening of your school does not automatically mean that you are eligible for admission to that course.

In this course, you have to meet the necessary UTME and Post-UTME cut-off marks equally. Even when the candidates who have applied for a particular course in a school perform very well in the screening exercise, the school will have no choice but to raise the initial cut-off mark it suggested for that course without the candidates’ knowledge.

Choosing The Wrong Subject Combination

When selecting a course of study, many candidates do not find an important factor. If your subjects at the UTME and O’level do not suit those required for the course you wish to study, there is no guarantee that you will be admitted to that course.

Such candidates may later be eligible for admission if their chosen school advertises additional admission and they may apply for a course that suits their subject combination.

The Department Chosen Has Lost Its Accreditation

Your school of choice may lose its accreditation for an admission course or department it previously advertised. If something like this happens, there will be no choice for the school to either admit a limited number of candidates in that department or not to admit anyone. Candidates affected by this tend to be told to apply for additional admission or course change.

If You Don’t Meet The 45% Merit Cutoff Mark

Just 45 per cent of the total number of applicants to be admitted to any school is to be admitted based on merit, according to the admission policy. The reality is that not every eligible candidate will be among these 45 per cent who will be considered for merit-based admission irrespective of your JAMB or Post-UTME Score.

When you haven’t made the merit list of admissions, I’ll encourage you to get your school of choice’s additional admission until it is advertised.

Nonetheless, in a situation where the list of admissions is not released, the best you can do is hope to release more batches with your name among them.


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